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Smarter Socks - a quick explanation

Imagine your phone could communicate with your socks. Your phone would know:

  • which socks belong together,
  • and could help sort them out,
  • how often you have washed your socks,
  • when your socks were produced,
  • when you ordered your socks and
  • when your socks were dispatched.

Your iPhone can also tell you if your black socks are no longer properly black and help you buy new socks.

This is something we dreamed about and we have made the dream come true. The result is Smarter Socks - probably the smartest socks in the world. They are undoubtedly the first socks which leave their mark on the internet via the Sock Sorter and your iPhone.

Making sure your socks are understood.

Unfortunately, until now, iPhones were not RFID-compliant.

So your iPhone would not understand your Plus+ socks. In order to provide a remedy, we have invented the Sock Sorter.

It helps you sort your socks and helps your iPhone communicate with the socks. Our Sock Sorter was developed and produced in Switzerland and is compatible with 3GS and later iPhones.

  Sock Sorter  

Making sorting socks fun.

Being convinced that mankind is made for greater things than sorting socks, we launched the sockscription in 1999.

We admit that, even with a sockscription, you need to pair socks up - but it got easier to do so.

With Smarter Socks, it is a real joy! Take any Plus+ sock, scan the chip and as soon as you find the right partner, the app makes a noise to show you that the sock has found its mate and can now be considered washed.

Some cynical women might claim that this is the only way a man could sort his own socks.

  Sorting Plus+ socks  

Allowing your socks to tell their story.

We cannot tell you whether the socks suit you or not. Of course, we think they do, but it is a question of faith.

But thanks to Smarter Socks, you can now tell where your socks come from, what their life has been like and who they belong to.

This gives every sock a little CV. Admittedly, it wouldn't be enough to apply for a job, but it gives you more information on the sock than ever before.

  Sock details  

Making sure your socks are never alone.

Sometimes, socks split up too. But it's not normally down to differences of opinion or because one sock finds a younger model - it is because one of the socks gets lost or damaged.

And we thought about this as well when we developed the app. If you have two single socks left over, they can join up to spend the next chapter in their life together.

  Socks paired  

Making sure black is really black.

We hope you are not someone who sees everything black. But it is still important to check how black your socks are every so often.

If you are having difficulty, the blackometer on the app can help. First calibrate the camera to white to take the light conditions into consideration, then measure the black.

Although the app does incorporate some scientific findings used in evaluating satellite images, you don't need to be an expert to use it. The app gives clear signals in the form of a traffic light.

  Measuring black levels  

Making sure you still have all your socks in your trouser pocket.

If disaster strikes and you are one sock short of a drawer, there is no need to panic.

Our iPhone app has a shop and as our customer, all you need to do is decide on your favourite socks, log in and pay.

  My account  

Making sure you really install the app.

You’ll probably say to yourself: “I might look at this app at some point”. Then you'll forget about it, and then you'll say again: "I'll have a look at that app". In order to break this cycle and keep your head clear for more important things, we suggest the following:

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Smarter Socks - a quick explanation

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