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The Birth of BLACKSOCKS - The First Sockscription

It all began inauspiciously as an embarrassing moment for a young advertising executive in 1994. Today, BLACKSOCKS has sold over 1 million pairs of socks, worldwide, in 74 countries. Here is the story of BLACKSOCKS.

After graduating from college with a marketing degree, BLACKSOCKS co-founder Samy Liechti began his career at an advertising agency. One afternoon, he was invited to go to dinner with Japanese business executives that same evening. He ran home to put on proper business attire and grabbed two black socks (or so he thought) from his sock drawer. Feeling good about his career, his corporate attire and the opportunity to have dinner with important clients, Samy was ready to impress his bosses, peers and Japanese colleagues.

A Japanese Custom: Remove Your Shoes

After a successful business dinner, the party was moved to a Japanese tea house, where it is customary to remove your shoes. Samy looked down and a feeling of dread and doom enveloped him. The two socks did not match. Worse yet, Samy’s big toe was sticking out of the faded fabric. There was a large hole in the right sock. He spent the rest of the evening sitting cross-legged, attempting to hide his foot. So much for business etiquette. In the eyes of his bosses and Japanese clients, his status declined - to the bottom of the sock pile. He was just a young, inexperienced executive, with no real style.

As the conversation continued, Samy could only think of one thing. Why wasn’t my sock drawer stocked with matching socks? How did this happen? As the evening progressed, he became more obsessed with this major humiliation. Then he thought of the solution.

The Sockscription Is Born

The next week he began his research. He was going to figure out a way to avoid sock embarrassments for himself - and the rest of mankind. With all the world’s worries, socks should not be one of them. He came up with the BLACKSOCKS sockscription solution. Not only was he going to develop a fine line of socks - designed for long lasting wear - but in case a sock was lost, or worse yet, had a hole in the big toe (or any toe for that matter), more socks were automatically on the way. Thus the sockscription concept arrived in the world.